Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Contra Costa, Inc.

DUI Program Rules and Regulations

ADACCC will dismiss any participant that:

1. Fails to participate in required program activities within 21 days of enrolling or 21 days of transfer to another driving-under-the influence program licensed by the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

2. Fails to maintain program sobriety, refuses to test, leaves program site without authorization, or received a subsequent DUI conviction.

3. Fails to comply with additional county requirements or program rules. This includes behavior that is disruptive to program functions such as sleeping: leaving the group during sessions; wearing inappropriate attire after being warned by program staff or inappropriate behavior such as might result from the use of alcohol or drugs. Failure to honor an approved fee adjustment or modification.

4. Fails to obtain a leave of absence when unable to attend program services for 21 days or longer.

5. Exceeds the number of absences allowed for the program participant is enrolled in.

6. Is physically or verbally abusive to program staff or other persons at or near program facility.

7. Fails to pay, within 30-days of date due, program fees assessed.

8. Fails to reschedule and attend a financial assessment interview.

9. Re-Entry phase (18-month program)
Participant fails to reschedule a missed session within three days of any missed activity
Participant fails to attend a make-up session no later than 35 days after the absence.

10. Fails to attend the Mother Against Drunk Driver Victim Impact Panel by last scheduled activity.